Growth Secondary Directs


We are a secondary directs growth investor …

Liquid Partners acquires minority stakes in growth companies from early investors and other shareholders and provides additional growth financing.

We focus on opportunities that occur outside of the predominant investment schemes of other secondary investors or primary investors.

We are able to cover large deals with partners yet have a low minimum ticket size and are open for single-digit to low double-digit shareholdings.

… investing in internationally scalable digital businesses.

We look for

  • Proven and strongly growing businesses
  • Trustworthy and experienced management with entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to scale a company

We invest in asset light businesses that address an international market. We pay a lot of attention to captable, forward capital needs, involved investors and realistic exit horizon.

Our investment approach is based on …

  • Independent judgement
  • High flexibility & solution orientation
  • Long-term experience & knowhow
  • Personal trust & reliability
  • Patience & persistence


We are experienced investors, entrepreneurs at heart  …

Lars Michalak

Dr. Thomas Döring

Daniel Wall

Eva Schulz

… with a solid track record and significant own skin in the game.

years in industry

cash mutliple respectivly TVPI on invested capital

economic downturns navigated





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